Company Nurse

Triage Service

Company Nurse is a 24-hour, 7 days a week triage service that provides medical expertise at the point of injury to ensure injured employees are channeled to the most appropriate and cost-effective level of care.

Company Nurse dramatically impacts workers’ compensation programs in a number of ways:

Easy to use – simply dial the hotline for occupational injury triage

Streamlines reporting – one phone call creates the first report of injury, instructions for post-accident drug testing, and immediately notifies Landin, employer contacts and a designated medical provider

Reduces claims volume – with appropriate first aid & self-care, on average, 20-40% of calls do not result in compensable claims

Eliminates unnecessary ER visits – with medical expertise, ER use can decrease by as much as 300%

Reduce lost time – by integrating return-to-work coordination, employers reduce lost time by as much as 30-50%

Cost savings – the average claims cost can drop by as much as 10-30% and medical costs can be reduced up to 20%

Employee satisfaction – with prompt open communication and 24-hour access to quality medical professionals, injured workers have a positive experience

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To register for Company Nurse, email at Landin, or call (804) 359-9600.


February 14 in Newport News

February 15 in Glen Allen

February 16 in Manassas

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